• Wednesday Watch

    First Wednesday of every month
    8pm @ MPH Level 2
    Come, Watch & Pray alongside our God
    To restore the altar of Worship, Word & Works at GMC


    Love God, Love People, Go Change the World for Jesus

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    Wednesdays and Sundays worship timings

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Important Announcement

A photograph was posted in a blog post “Send Me Your Photos for the #FreeAmosYee Campaign”, dated 11 May 2015, with the name of Grace Methodist Church in the backdrop. We clarify that the man in the picture is not a member of Grace Methodist Church and no permission was granted to the man to use Grace Methodist Church premises or name for purposes of his photograph. We have requested the owner of the blog post to remove the photograph to which he agreed. Grace Methodist Church is not associated with the #FreeAmosYee Campaign in any way.



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