GMC One Youth

“To Be a Generation that Grows in Love for God, Glows in Love for Others, and Goes and Makes Disciples for Christ.”

The Youth Ministry at Grace Methodist Church comprises of youth aged between 13 and 25. This is an age where youths start to ask personal questions about the fundamental beliefs of Christianity:

Why Jesus? Was He a real person? Who is God? Why do people say that He is a personal God when I cannot hear or see Him? Why church? Why not spend time somewhere else, doing something else?


The ministry aims for youth to individually and collectively to come out of the youth ministry:

  1. having a continued desire to grow in love for God,
  2. to glow in love for others through Christ’s example, and to
  3. Go out and make disciples for Christ knowing that they have the power of the Holy Spirit in them to do so.

Junior Youth (age 13 to 18)

The JY consists of age-banded cell groups that meet from 9am to 11am on Sunday mornings. The youth meet for a time of worship, offering, and announcements each Sunday. Sunday mornings for the youth are centred on three core programs: Cell Group Teaching, Sermons, Cell Connect and Events.

Twice a month on Sundays, cell group leaders for each age group use a guided curriculum to teach spiritual truths to the youth, and allow youths the opportunity to engage with their group mates on the given topic. This is also a time in which youth bond and pray together as a cell group. This is a core area in which they would grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

Leaders will deliver a sermon on Sunday morning on a youth related topic.

Every last Sunday of the month, cell groups enjoy a time of fellowship over food, games and activities. 

During the school holidays (March, June, September), the JY organizes a range of activities and events that bring youth together for a time of fellowship, outreach, or worship and personal growth.


Youth Fellowship (age 19-25)

The YF consists of age-banded cell groups and Basic Accountability Groups (BAGs) that meet twice each month in their individual groups. Additionally, they gather together once a month for YF Gatherings to build relationships, serve one another, and grow in their spiritual understanding and love for God.

Most BAGs run twice a month, either on Saturdays (10am to 12pm) or Sundays (9am to 11am).

Cell group leaders use a guided curriculum to teach spiritual truths to disciple the youth, and allow youths the opportunity to engage with their group mates on the given topic. This is also a time in which youths support one another, pray together, and keep each other acocuntable in their personal walks with God. The BAGs provide a safe and supportive environment for youths to be challenged to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

Monthly gatherings occur on the second Sunday morning (9am to 11am) of the month (unless otherwise stated) for youths to come together across their individual BAGs.

These gatherings provide a platform for pastors and youth leaders to speak on age relevant topics and engage in meaningful discussions with youths, focusing on the needs and questions of youths in relation to their faith.

On occasions, gatherings are set aside for outdoor activities where youths can enjoy a time of fellowship with one another as well as invite their friends along. YF Gatherings will ensure that youths have a community that they can grow in and journey with in life.


Core Events

Youth Sunday is a designated Sunday on the the Methodist Church’s Chinese Annual Conference calendar. The Youth Ministry of GMC sets aside this Sunday as a time for youth to serve at the main services and to showcase how the Lord is working in the youth ministry. 

Youth Camps are held annually either in December or June to engage and challenge youths on a personal and community level. We aim to have camps that provide relevant messages to the youth, an avenue for ministry, prayer and personal response to the Lord, as well as connecting to a wider community in Christ.