Young Adults


Young Adult ( YA ) Ministry of Grace Methodist Church is a gathering point for young adults aged 26-40 years old. 

In our ministry, we seek to grow in spiritual maturity as we continue to experience the reality of the gospel through deepening our relationship with the Lord, and with fellow believers. 

Our ministry is supported by three key pillars: YA BAGs (Basic Accountability Groups / Small Groups), YA Social and YA Teaching.  


YA BAGs: We meet on a fortnightly basis in BAGs / Small Groups to learn and study God’s Word, and to foster biblical community. 


YA Socials: We bond over bimonthly social events that fosters friendship and community. Past events include: Archery Tag, Escape Room, and Mini Golf.    


YA Word: We gather over breakfast and spiritual food. We have our very own ‘The Breakfast Club’ - a biannual three-week teaching series that focuses on equipping young adults with the Word of God.


If you are a young adult, you don't have to take the journey of faith alone. With a strong community of young adult here at GMC, you can laugh, grow, and serve with people who genuinely care about you. Join us today! 


Young Adult Families ( YAF )


The number of new parents started to grow in church as couples expanded their families with the arrival of children. By God's grace, the Young Adult Family (YAF) ministry was formed as a support group for new parents. The families that come together share about their personal experiences and positive parenting encounters and pray and support one another.

Besides that, there are also family bonding activities as well as DVD series or talks by external speakers to help build up young families to continue to walk in Christ.